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Hello, i am Joel Jones, I possess Jonesy’s Inc., a enterprise that makes a speciality of auto restoration and customization. We’re one step closer to being in a position to spray primer on our Ford Fairlane venture and that i wish dresses to take this possibility to stroll you via probably the most normal paint merchandise that we’ve used up unless hot rod factor, and what we’re forecasting to be using after this point.


You continually want to begin out your venture with smooth, naked steel that has been finished off with eighty grit, one-twenty grit sandpaper, and then you want to clean it very, very totally with a wax and grease remover. Then you dresses wish to have to comply with that up along with your corrosion safeguard, which is simply done with an epoxy primer, the hot rod brands do not want any change but when you commit to a company, you wish to have to comply with that brand all of the approach by way of to the top with each single certainly one of their merchandise, so that you just hold compatibility.


So, we have already treated our bare metal with epoxy primer, that is what you wish to have to coat constituents which are going to be sitting round for a long time. So, in case you take anything to the sandblaster, have it stripped, deliver it again, you need to coat it in epoxy primer after which it is alright to go away it on the shelf for a whilst. When you are able hot rod o go to your next step and do extra body work, all you’ll be able to have got to do is scuff that epoxy primer up after which easy it once more with wax and grease remover, after which you’re competent to spray what is called a primer surfacer, or a excessive construct primer. Now, this primer is, whole rationale in lifestyles is to make your pane dresses ls appear excellent. The excessive build primer sprays out very thick, you more often than not put three coats on at a time, after which there are clearly two or three distinctive purposes of those three coats.


You have got to sand in between each single coat with quite a lot of grits of sandpaper. Once you could have acquired your car to where it is just arrow straight and the panels are totally tender, you want to seal this excessive build primer with both a further primer sealer, or some paint lines say which you could surely dilute down an epoxy primer, after which spray it as a sealer.


The intent you wish to have to put a sealer on high of your whole high construct primers is so that you have no contamination or any bleed-via, from the substrates under, the high build migrating into your color to distort your color. So, as soon as you will have sprayed your primer sealer, you’re in a position to spray colour. Now, the colors, you are able to do whatever you want with colours, but your primer sealer, the colour of your primer sealer wishes to be just about the color of your prime coat. For those who spray crimson over a black, it will make a darker purple, if you spray it over a white primer sealer then you are going to have a a lot lighter colour, so you ought to preserve that in mind. Dark colors quilt better over darker primers, and vice versa, lighter colours duvet higher over lighter colours, so maintain that in intellect when you’re identifying. All the other colors beneath this do not fairly matter, as opposed to it’s a excellent indication of how a lot you’ve gotten sanded, on account that in case you sand through one coat, the following coat it going to exhibit through and then you’ll comprehend that you have sanded too a ways.




So, you’ve got got your primer sealer, and you are equipped to spray your color. Go ahead and spray your color, and the whole intent of the color coat is just that colour, it presents no protection whatsoever, to something, so it can be most effective there for cosmetics. And, then as soon as you’re achieved spraying your colour, you are going to wish to coat it along with your clear coat, if it’s a two stage paint. If this is a single stage paint, then a clear coat isn’t required and your color is giving you your safeguard. I would no longer propose spraying single stage paints.


Two stage paints with clear coats are so long lasting they will final without end, and you’ll be able to have a a lot nicer product and a longer lasting restoration. Now, when you’re seeking to determine a fee basis for all of this, anticipate your primer surfacer as being your highest volume of product used. You are going to ought to go through gallons of this considering the fact that you’re applying three coats at a time, and three sets of those coats. And, bear in mind to component in the amount of hardeners. Hardeners mixed at a ratio. The epoxy primer combine is 2 to 1 with this hardener, the primer surfacer mix is five to 1 with this hardener. So, you’re going to need much more epoxy primer hardener, than you’re the primer surfacer.


And, for that reason your color has its reducer, and your clear coat has its hardener as well. Now, one thing about defense, go browsing to whatever paint producers website that you have determined to use, and print off the MSDS sheets for every single the sort of merchandise, and skim those sheets. Those are going to offer you all the expertise you ought to defend your self towards any variety of chemicals, or some thing else that is related to it. In addition to that, print off all the guidelines and technical manuals for each single such a merchandise, and put them in a binder, in an effort to have instant access to them when you’re getting able to in reality mix your paint, spray your paint, or something else. It’s going to tell you instances between coats, dry occasions, and top coat instruction, etc and many others.


Do your homework earlier than you decide to do any portray in any respect, and ask for support, do study online, go to a body save, ask your paint supplier for aid. .

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